Pacswitch is a trade name of Pacswitch Globe Telecom Limited which has been active at the telecom market since the 2008. Since the beginning we have been providing flexible and reliable voice and data business.

Pacswitch at this time ( April 2012 ) well over 300 customers with 100 dedicated and virtual private servers as well.

Pacswitch is different from the competition by offering Ultra high speed, affordable, and performance products, but also by offering the customer a lot of flexibility and service choies. We also ensure that the customers get prompt and responsive support for the duration of their services. We not only take a great pride in our reliability but also our continuity.

Pacswitch has 4 fulltime and partime employees at this time. Our technical engineers have a broad knowledge about both Linux and Windows servers and networking.

Pacswitch will launch more brands in 2013, allowing our customers to purchase more types of hosting at our company with the value and flexibility they expect from Pacswitch. As soon as these brands are being launched we will let you know through our social media and blog.

Pacswitch is listed at the Office of Communications Authority under file SBO 1456. For more infomation you can reach OFCA . We were Licenced to delivery Voice and Data traffic from Hong Kong to outside location.